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Style guide

This is a style guide for applying ttkbootstrap styles. All ttkbootstrap styles are applied using the bootstyle parameter that has been injected into the ttk widget constructor.

ℹ️ Learn more about styling legacy widgets.


The following color options are available on all widgets, except where excluded, and can be used along with widget specific style keywords which are described for each widget. Keywords are not required for default styles.

The actual color value of the keywords below are defined in each specific theme, but the descriptions below are what you can expect typically from each color keyword.

Keyword Description Example
primary The default color for most widgets primary
secondary Typically a gray color secondary
success Typically a green color success
info Typically a blue color info
warning Typically an orange color warning
danger Typically a red color danger
light Typically a light gray color light
dark Typically a dark gray color dark
# info colored button style

# warning colored scale style

# success colored progressbar