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Legacy widgets

ttkbootstrap applies a default style to legacy tkinter widgets so that they do not look out-of-place when used with themed ttk widgets. The Text and Canvas widgets are commonly used with themed ttk widgets for example.

Themed legacy widgets

To ensure the styles are updated when the theme is changed, each legacy widget is registered with the Publisher which sends an update message to each legacy widget when the theme is changed in order to initiate a theme configuration on the widget.

Customizing legacy widgets

While the theming functionality is appropriate in most cases, it also prevents the user from making custom changes to the widget. However, in version 1.2 an autostyle parameter was added to all legacy widgets. By default, autostyle is implicitly True. This means, that ttkbootstrap will handle all of the styling on legacy widgets. However, if you set the autostyle parameter to False, the widget styling will be delegated to the user. This will enable you to make custom changes to legacy widgets.

Turning off autostyle should be used with caution

If you turn off autostyle on a widget, it will no longer receive theme change updates; no styling will be applied by default, including fonts, relief, etc...